Survival Kit - Survive Outdors Longer - SOL - Origin Kit

  • £50.00


  • Contents are packed together in a compact, waterproof case; flip-up signal mirror, fire striker, compass and folding-blade knife are stowed on the outside of the case
  • Knife features a 100-decibel rescue whistle and 10-lumen LED light integrated into handle; AUS-8 steel blade holds an edge and sharpens more easily than common steel blades
  • Fire striker can be used with 1 hand and emits a powerful shower of sparks; small liquid compass can be removed from the case
  • Open the case to find a 6 ft. piece of stainless-steel wire, 1 sewing needle (size 7), 4 pieces of Tinder Quick fire starter and a 3 sq. ft. piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Aluminum foil can be formed into a drinking cup or can be used as a pot to boil water
  • Also includes 10 ft. of nylon-braided cord, 3 safety pins, 4 fish hooks (size 10), 1 piece of fishing line, 2 snap swivels (size 12) and 2 split shot lead pellets
  • Entire kit weights only 6.25 oz.
  • Included lanyard lets you carry the survival kit around your neck
  • The SOL Origin™ survival kit includes instructions that feature 62 survival techniques and strategies from Buck Tilton