Extra large bundle fatwood tinder

Extra large bundle fatwood tinder

  • £9.00

The Fatwood Fire Starter Sticks are 100% natural, chemical & additive-free firelighters.

Use them as kindling in starting fires (see note below), they light quickly even when wet and are wind resistant (to a degree of course), and burns hot enough to light larger pieces of wood. These so-called ‘fatwood’ sticks are derived from the heartwood of pine trees, specifically the tree-sap of coniferous trees which contain terpene and hardens into a resin over time.

Live trees are never cut for Fatwood and they harvest only non-endangered pine species. Whether using it in the fireplace, the garden BBQ, a pellet stove, or even in the woods while camping, Fatwood Fire Starter Sticks are the ideal choice.

(You only need to light one, maximum two Fatwood sticks to get your fire going. Mix with a few regular kindling sticks and some paper to get a good fire going).

Made in the non-rainforest areas of Central America