Expend hammock suspension kit

  • £20.00

Smart slit ropes (pat.pend.) with tree guard for easy hammock suspension set-up. Use also as boat line, clothes line, haul line etc.

Allows for swift hammock setup. Wrap the webbing strap around a tree and secure with the short Slit Line by looping around the webbing and inserting the knots through the slits. These will tighten under load. Then feed the end of the long Slit Line through the end loop of the hammock, insert the knot through one of the slits depending on the required length of the cord. Length of Slit Line and webbing 2 X 3 m / 2 x 3.8 ‘. Load capacity 200 kg / 440 lbs. Load capacity of the Slit Line when the slits are not used increases to 450 kg / 990 lbs.