Enzo Trapper 95

  • £110.00

The long Finnish knifemaking tradition goes into each and every EnZo knife. If there is one thing Scandinavian countries know about it is making quality knives. Where else could you find a quite exceptional and unbelievably sharp knife at such a superb price?

This model has a tough green linen micarta handle and full tang construction. The blade is Scandi ground and made from O1 tool steel which is well known for it`s hardness and edge retaining qualities. It is supplied with a leather belt sheath.

O1 carbon tool steel is a good choice when the dominant requirement is toughness such as when used for bushcraft and survival use or a heavy duty working knife. The edge doesn't chip easily and a nice sharp edge can be achieved with relative ease. The downside is that this steel has a very low Chromium content and it needs to be kept oiled to avoid rust. This makes it less suitable as a hunting knife.

The EnZo Trapper 95 line are full tang knives especially designed for hunting and bushcraft. Precision made blades in every detail. The full tang blade is 9.5cm long and 3.5mm thick and comes with a bead blasted finish. Significant attention has been given to the steel quality and blade grinds and ENZO can provide both full Flat grinds and Flat Scandanavian Grinds.  O1 Carbon tool steel (58-59 HRC),