DD Super Summer Saver

  • £162.00
  • Save £38

All the hammock camping equipment you need in one bundle - whether you're looking to update your gear or starting hammock camping from scratch! Save over 15% in this great deal.
The Frontline or Travel Hammock and Tarp 3x3 combo ensures a comfy, insect-free sleep and full weather protection, whilst the cosy DD Underblanket ensures you can use your kit all year long! Combined with a host of essential extras for your kit bag, the DD Hammock Camping Combo is the perfect starter kit for anything from a night in the local woods to a backpacking expedition!

DD Frontline or Travel Hammock (Olive Green or Coyote Brown)
DD Tarp 3x3 (Olive Green or Coyote Brown)
DD Underblanket
DD Hammock Sleeve (Olive Green or Coyote Brown)
DD Hanging Pocket (for hammock)
DD Beer Holder (for hammock)
DD Magic Carpet (Regular size)
DD Paracord (25m)
DD Water Bladder (2L)
DD Whistle
DD First Aid Kit