BCB Field Dressing Military Traumafix Large 20cm x 19cm PF116A

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This is a Large Military Field Dressing - Designed for a major bleed trauma

now with an innovative pressure pillow contained within the sterile highly absorbent pad, movable within the pad to ensure it is placed in the most effective part of the wound to provide excellent compression to stop bleeding wounds

A large sized, sterile pressure bandage, vacuum sealed in a robust flexible waterproof pouch, maintaining sterility and shelf life.

Can be folded in several different ways to give excellent compression to stop bleeding wounds.

Secure instantly with the velcro style fastening, easy to use and fast self administration possible

Provides immediate sterile direct pressure to the wound to help stop bleeding,, Quick and easy for personal or professional application

Pad size: 20 x19cm (8 x 7.6”) Weight: 98g (3.5oz) NATO approved: NSN-6510-99-210-7563