New World Order - Prepare Survive Thrive

Over the years the team at RJ Bushcraft have worked alongside some of the very best experts in the survival & bushcraft community, we have built up a huge network of suppliers enabling us to offer some of the very best deals in the uk, and we have been able to build a community with our loyal customers. With all of this in mind, we decided to start a facebook group to bring together members of the prepping, survival and outdoor community into a safe place where they can enjoy sharing skills, experiences and best practises with like minded people. Unlike many other groups we are able to use our strong standing, buying power and experience to help others by offering hugely reduced prices on products, free demonstrations, events, camps and live steam information days.

So who are we?
Jason - Redneck Jay - also known as RJ Bushcraft - Founder & Admin

Survival, bushcraft, prepping, gear tests & reviews, community, communications and off grid self sustained living is something of interest to Jason.

Prepper Del - Founder & Admin Of New World Order

Jungle/desert warfare, communications, survival, first aid, navigation and experience as an explosives engineer are just some of the skills picked up over the years, enjoys building prep kit such as fire kits, bug out bags and survival kits for different shtf scenarios

We have our own group of experts on hand to help with a vast array of knowledge, from military jungle war far instructors, knife makers, paramedics, bushcraft instructors, and people with real life experience, so why wouldn't you want to come talk to us?

Visit our facebook group today, and join the New World Order.  Visit our facebook group