Mora e Johnson frost traditional

  • £15.00

The traditional Mora knife for all round use from E. Jönsson, knifemakers of Mora, Sweden. 

With 'Falun' red wooden handle and black plastic sheath.

Total length: 19,5 cm
Blade length: 11 cm
Blade width: 12 mm


A History of E. Jönsson - Knife Makers of Mora, Sweden.

The E. Jönsson story began in the 1880’s, when Jöns Persson started making his own knives in Östnor, near Mora in central Sweden. The town of Mora had by then a long tradition of knife making stretching back to the late middle-ages.

A generous spirit of co-operation existed between the various Mora knife makers at that time. They helped each other with component parts and borrowed each other’s machinery. A style of knife was developed that soon became synonymous with the town. The Mora knife was born.

In 1936, Erik Jönsson, grandson to Jöns Persson, followed his grandfather into the knife making business. Erik was eventually joined by his two brothers John and Anders in the 1940’s, and together they began to manufacture knives under the name of ‘Bröderna Jönsson’, or ‘The Brothers Jönsson’.

This rich family heritage was passed down to Erik, the son of John Jönsson. Erik began stamping his blades with the name E. Jönsson in the 1980’s, and together with his cousin Holger (a son of Anders Jönsson), they continue to make knives and keep alive the spirit of generations past.

Erik and Holger work in an old timber workshop, painted the traditional Falun red and nestled between the buildings of the knife-manufacturing giant that is Morakniv. Indeed, it is probably fair to say that Morakniv make more knives in a day than Erik and Holger make in a year.

The Jönssons office has no computer; the company no website. Letters, quotes and invoices continue to be typed on an old typewriter. This is a workshop of a bygone age, and with every knife made one can’t help but feel that something of the history of Mora and the soul of this remarkable family is imparted into each blade.

The company that is now Morakniv AB was formed by the final merger of the two largest knife manufacturers in Mora - KJ Eriksson and Frosts. Also gathered under the Morakniv banner were several other knife making companies that had previously been acquired by KJ Eriksson before the merger.

As a result, E. Jönsson now stands proudly as the last small knife maker in the town of Mora