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People are curious by nature, however I am often asked the same questions when people come visit RJ Bushcraft for the first time, what made me decide to open a bushcraft store, why did I decide to do it and most importantly what its all about... So I have decided to write a short blog to answer those questions.

My passion and love for the outdoors is something which has been with me since I joined the cub scouts as a young boy, I have always looked for ways to make my time outdoors more comfortable and use what is around me, so as I grew up the transition into what is referred to as bushcraft is something which was natural for me.

Back in 2012 I started to realise that I was buying all of my kit online, or needing to drive down to England to get the kit I wanted, and for me this made no sense, Scotland has the right to access some of the most beautiful scenery and hills in the world..so why do we not have a shop to get the stuff we need to enjoy that? This put me on a path to work towards saving enough cash to be able to open my own store.

My vision was simple, make the outdoors affordable to everyone. Nobody should be financially excluded from enjoying the outdoors, in 2015 RJ Bushcraft was born. I wanted to provide more than just a shop, I wanted to create a community space, where people could come visit for a free coffee, speak to the experts, meet up with other like minded people and share their skills and experiences.

I am very diligent when it comes to pricing, so everything where possible is price matched to online prices, giving people the opportunity to come pick up the kit they are after, ask questions about it and get a feel for it without needing to pay over inflated prices for the privilege of doing it.

Recently I just held the 5th Scottish Bushcraft Meet Up at Polkemmet Country Park, each event is growing in numbers, new faces are appearing, and people are learning new skills so my original goal of bringing the community together is proving to be a success.

RJ Bushcraft is more than just a shop, it is a community spot and many of my friends and customers describe the store as their man cave, a place to come get a blether and a coffee and chat to others.

What is next on the cards...well you will just need to wait and see


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