Pinewood Lappland Extreme Outdoor Jacket - My thoughts

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Anyone who knows me personally will know that I can be pretty critical when it comes to products, service, people and life in general so when I decide to do a review on an item you can be sure to expect an honest, unbiased opinion on it.

Doing a table top review, unboxing, product review indoors without using a product over a period of time in different conditions does not help anyone.

6 months ago I got a lappland extreme jacket by pinewood, to test out in the Scottish weather, to see what my thoughts are on it.

Well 6 months have passed, and I am now happy to let people know what I think of it.

So what did I think? Is it worth the money? Would I recommend it?

When it comes to purchasing a jacket in the £150 price region you instantly have high expectations, you want it to do everything which it says on the tin. For me I wanted something windproof, waterproof, breathable, light enough for walking but durable enough for going down the woods...yes that's right I wanted all of that from a £150 jacket, and I am pleased to say that this winter jacket has performed through the seasons beautifully.

The Lappland extreme jacket kept me cool in the summer heat, dry in the wet Scottish days, and cosy up the hills.

The Lappland Extreme Jacket from Pinewood is definitely a winner. It is the perfect combination of form and functionality and offers far more than other jackets in this fabric style than products 3 times the price.

It is made from Pinewoods TC1200 which is very similar to a ventile material which is an anti tear and hard wearing fabric which is absolutely ideal for this type of jacket. The tightly woven fabric gives great windproof qualities and at the same time the impregnation (Teflon) makes the fabric water resistant. The Lappland Extreme jacket also benefits from a  2 Layer waterproof and breathable membrane bonded to the lining making this not only windproof it is completely waterproof. All seams are taped to prevent water ingress.

This fabric is VERY similar to the fabric used by other very well known Swedish makes but instead of using a light wax they use a Teflon impregnation which forms a water and dirt repellent shield around the fibres which helps to keep the garment smart and functional for much longer.

This set up makes the ideal combination within a garment - a hard wearing impregnated fabric that protects the breathable, waterproof membrane. It has the added benefit of being naturally quiet making an ideal product for hunting or wildlife watching.

There are many very functional pockets and a great removable hood making this not only one of the best jackets it also is fantastic value.


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